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Thank You for Test Driving our online Defensive Driving Course.

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  • This program provides an up-to-date means for New Jersey drivers to complete a Defensive Driving Course. You can log in and log out as often as you like, and you will always re-enter the course at exactly where you left off.
  • We have divided the topics into sessions (or modules) and each session is followed by a short review quiz. You are required to achieve a score of at least 80% on these quizzes in order to move on to the next session.
  • The program is completed when you have read all of the sessions, passed all of the end of chapter review quizzes, and have successfully passed your final exam.

In the course, there are a number of stimulating and interactive features.

We hope that you will especially enjoy our "On the Road Skills" series of interactive "flash animated" movie clips and slide shows. We know that you will find the flash animations to be informative and an entertaining way of reviewing fundamental defensive driving ideas and techniques.

Click on the start button in the window below for an example of one of the many flash animated clips in the course.

Our course also includes colorful and clear images. When you hover (hold or roll) your cursor { } over the images, you will receive floating messages with important notes, helpful driving tips, or interesting facts. The floating messages reiterate the course material and are an essential addition to the learning process.

Hover your cursor over the image below to receive an example floating message.

We have also incorporated "Comprehension Checkpoints" that test your knowledge of key concepts presented throughout the course.

The following is an example of one of the checkpoints.

Comprehension Checkpoint

Before we continue, answer the following question to review an important piece of information that you read in the last several pages.

Simply click on the letter of the answer to see if you are correct.

When can I get on the Internet to do the online Defensive Driving Course?

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